GulfpointeII Condominium Association

Good Neighbor Rules

Abridged for our Guests

From Gulfpointe II Board of Directors: Gulfpointe II is a residential condo community. During your stay, you will have the privilege of enjoying the grounds and using the pool and dock shared by all owners. Please keep in mind, however, that this is not a resort hotel but home for many who live here year-round or seasonally.


1. Please refrain from loud and abusive language and over enthusiasm in pool activities.

2. Please note the State of Florida rules posted at pool.

3. The use of the pool is only for Gulfpointe II owners who are in residence, owner’s guests and rental guests of Gulfpointe II.

4. Rental guests may not extend their pool or fishing dock privileges to their visiting guests.

5. No loud music.

6. Pool hours are from 9:00 a.m. to DUSK.

7. No lifeguard is on duty. Swim at your own risk.

8. Children under 14 must be accompanied by a supervising adult at the pool.

9. Babies in diapers and children who have not been toilet trained may not be taken into the pool unless they are wearing a swim diaper.

10. Glass/china is not permitted in the pool area. Please use plastic/paper etc.

11. No food is allowed in the pool area.

12. No scuba equipment is allowed in the pool.


1. Please note that water is a very precious commodity in the Keys. Please make sure you use the outside faucet belonging to your unit. It is labeled and has a hose for your use. Please report any leaks or broken faucet.

2. Your assigned parking space is underneath the building and has the unit # above it.

3. You have space for 3 average size vehicles.

4. Request that your guests park there also.

5. Cars, boats, trailers, etc must be parked under the building, in the unit’s designated space, not to exceed the outer edge of the balcony.

6. You may have to use off- site parking if there is a space issue.

7. Please arrange additional parking in advance of your arrival with the unit owner/agent you are renting from.

8. No parking on the grass.

9. Do not block stairways, carports or roadway accessiblilty.

10. Boats under units are not to be topped off with fuel. Fuel expands in the heat causing fuel leakage, damaging pavement and creating a fire hazard.

11. Any vehicle, including boats and trailers, parked under a unit must be operational with a current license, registration and proper insurance.

12. Do not leave garbage or personal items in the carport area or any other common areas. Please recycle.


1. No towels, clothing or other articles are to be hung from balcony or stairway rails.

2. No charcoal grills or smokers are allowed onthe balcony.

3. DO NOT TRESPASS ONTO ANOTHER UNIT’S BALCONY even if it appears no one is currently in residence.


1. Rentals: a maximum of six (6) people are allowed to reside in a unit. However, your rental agreement may only allow 4.

2. Visiting guests may arrive after 7:00am and must leave by 10:00pm.

3. Rental guests are not permitted to have pets.

4. Complaints by rental guests regarding the unit they are renting or the common areas are to be made directly to the Owner of the unit or the Owner’s Agent.

5. Subletting or transfer of a rental agreement by a rental guest is not allowed. Only those individuals on the original lease will be staying in a unit during the time frame designated on that lease.


Dock boxes and freezers may be available for rental guests' usage. Use only the box and freezer designated to the unit you are staying in.


Anytime a ‘Hurricane Evacuation for Visitors’ is issued, rental guests must vacate the unit.