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**A11 use and occupancy of residential dwelling units for vacation rental purposes shall be in accordance with the following criteria:

1. No vacation rental use in a residential subdivision shall be for less than seven (7) nights.

2. Motor vehicles and vessel trailers shall only be parked in driveways or other areas designated for parking on the units property, and not on the street or extending over the right-of-way or sidewalk. The number of motor vehicles and vessel trailers parked on the property shall not exceed the maximum number of permitted parking spaces. Only motor vehicles of registered occupants may be parked over night.

3. For vacation rental units that contain dock area, the total length of docked vessels shall not exceed the width of the property at the waterline, with no rafting of vessels to create a hazard to navigation. No vessel docked on the property shall be used for sleeping, live-a-boards or other overnight accommodations.

4. Occupants shall be prohibited from making excessive and unnecessary noise in or about any vacation rental unit at all times such as to cause a noise disturbance. "Noise disturbance" means any sound that is so excessive, loud or disturbing that it causes an adverse psychological or physiological effect on humans, or unnecessarily disturbs or interferes with enjoyment of life or property, including outdoor recreation.

5. No occupant of a vacation rental unit shall enter upon any neighboring private property.

6. All trash and debris shall be kept in covered trash containers. Each vacation rental unit shall be equipped with at least four (4) covered trash containers for such purposes. Occupants shall comply with all trash provisions and recycling provisions that are applicable to the unit. Schedules of garbage pick-up and recycling pick-up shall be posted with the rental agreement.

7. The maximum occupancy of any unit used for vacation rental purposes shall not exceed two (2) persons per bedroom plus two (2) other persons per unit, or the lesser of such other maximum occupancy load as may be set by the office of the State Fire Marshal for the particular residential dwelling unit pursuant to its administrative rule making authority, or the City Building Official. No motor home, camper, sport utility vehicle or any other motor vehicle parked on the property shall be used for sleeping or other overnight accommodations.

8. All vacation rental units shall comply with all building and fire safety codes for Public Lodging Establishments as required by State law or the Code.

9. All occupants of vacation rental units are required to comply with MANDATORY EVACUATION at the posting of a hurricane warning.

Any violation of these use and occupancy restrictions shall constitute grounds for immediate termination of the rental agreement, eviction from the vacation rental unit by the owner or property manager and appropriate fines levied.